How To Remove A Glass Table Top From A Patio Table

One of the hottest topics on blogs and several other websites are remodeling recommendations. Remodeling is expensive, so there are some people who might need some help in regards to what to do. Here, this article talks about how you can remove a glass table top from a patio table without any difficulty.

What You Will Need

To remove a glass table top from a patio table, you will need quite a few items. Glass cleaner
The sandpaper or wire brush
Melamine tape (or clear packaging tape)
A rag or towel

How To Remove The Glass Table Top

If you have a patio or square table and are ready to remove the glass, then it is best to take the following steps. There needs to be extra support added between the legs of the table with coat hangers until it is time to take off the glass. Make sure that while all of this is being done that any support furniture such as lounge chairs or individual chairs are not in contact with the glass as they could potentially break or crack during this process.

Tips While Removing The Glass Table Top

It is important to have the glass top in one piece before removing it from the metal frame. In addition, don’t use simple tools like pliers as you might damage the metal or crack the glass. You should instead use a niche sander with a metal rod and contact cleaner. You may also use an oscillating tool, power drill, or a palm sander.


Installing a glass table top can be a lot of work because it needs to go through the motion of drilling holes and using adhesives. It also requires time for drying and for patching up some areas. If you’re going to alter your patio table’s design, make sure that you have all necessary tools and materials before you start and read this blog post to find out how to fix the patiences if you expect problems.

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