How To Remove Bluing From Exhaust Pipes

Maybe you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to remove the dings from the outside of your car’s exhaust pipes, only to make them blue again. Or maybe someone you follow has given you tips on how to prevent your exhaust pipe from getting blued. I’ll help explain why this happens and how to take care of it for good.

How To Remove Bluing From Exhaust Pipes

If the rust around your pipe is only the bluing, then you can use Detergent liquid to get rid of it. Mix it half and half with pure water until it becomes thick paste. Apply this paste to the pipe slowly, working from one end in a wiping motion. When you reach any bends or crevices in the pipe, just slide out a little bit of pipe and move on to that spot.

Step by Step Process of How to Remove Bluing From Exhaust Pipes

If you are the proud owner of a new matte black exhaust pipe that has turned bluing or has started to rust over time, then here’s a simple tip for removing the bluing from both the exposed pipes and from inside the piping.
It is important to note that in order to remove the bluing from inside of pipes, a fire extinguisher may be needed (or better yet part of an engine clean-out kit) due to the noxious nature of hydrogen chloride gas.

Tips & Tricks on Removing Blueing From Exhaust Pipes

There are a few different ways to remove blueing from exhaust pipes, including using salt and boiling the water. By using these methods you should noticeably take out the blueing in about an hour. Electricity is also a way to remove the blueing. When using electricity, around ten minutes of electrical current can yield noticeable results if you apply it for about one hour.

Other Techniques for Removing Bluing From Exhaust Pipes

Bluing is a chemical process that starts when gasoline runs through an air-resin then condensing on the exhaust pipe. The bluing reaction turns the exhaust pipe chrome black, which can look unsightly and cause damage to nearby objects. For those without access to interior cleaning chemicals, there are ways around this.


Sometimes afterword, drivers have to remove the copper from their pipes. There are many different methods for curing the paint. Some are a more time-consuming than others and can cost up to $50 at most gas stations. A cheaper and more successful solution is to use baking soda mixed with vinegar. Simply put enough baking soda in a bowl, put it near the feet of the car, fire up your car so that it starts rustling, then pour just a little bit of vinegar on top and see how well the mixture removes bluing on your engine.

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