How To Remove Smoked Tail Lights

Hate trying to remove your car’s smoked tail lights? Have no idea where to start with the process? This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to remove smoky tail lights.

What Are Tail Lights?

The tail lights are the back parcel of lights on the car. They sometimes have tint applied to them. Depending on what your goal is, you may want to remove the smoke or tint from them. If you want white reflective tail lights, a product such as the Goo-Gone will do just that. You can also use some household cleaners to get rid of streaks and stains in residue left behind.

Types of Tail Lights

When tail lights get burnt out there are a few choices available to the owner. These include replacing the lights, replacing the whole tail light, or removing them completely. It is possible to try for yourself using a soldering gun and welding gloves though it can be difficult and take a couple of hours. One other option is to have a professional removed them for you, much faster than trying on your own.

How To Remove Smoked Tail Lights

When tail lights become smoked, they can be a difficult task to figure out how to remove them. There are a few ways to do this. First, use a metal scouring pad on the end of an old razor and then use a non-scouring pad to scrub off the removed pieces once other contaminants have been removed.Second, using isopropyl alcohol similar to what is used for fingerprints will remove discoloration.

What Are Smoked Tail Lights?

In short, smoked tail lights are the lenses of a car’s tail lights that have it coated with a solid front light-emitting surface. If the lit part of these lenses needs to be replaced, a reasonable procedure is to clean off the old “glow” and use an acetone-soaked cotton ball in place of it. It is important to control the flame when doing this — otherwise an uncontrolled fire may start.

What Causes a Tail Light to Look Like It Is Burning?

Tail lights typically don’t have an electrical connection to the rest of the car. When exposed to heat, such as from a nearby fire, the tail light bulb becomes one with the filament that produces light. Once burned out, it will emit a dark, red haze. This effect can be caused by a near miss from debris in or falling from the sky. Weather conditions have also been known to cause bulbs to burn out due to extreme cold and/or wet conditions, which can also result in scratches on paint, reflecting more light than grease.

How To Prevent a Tail Light from Looking like it is Burning

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