How To Remove Solar Gel Nails

During the summer months, it’s a make or break task for you to stay healthy and prevent yourself from developing serious health issues during the hot season. Nowadays, there are more people walking around with fruit choices such as strawberries, watermelons and limes because society has begun to buy into the fake habits of satiating their sweet tooth with fruits instead of candy and other sugary snacks. One thing that has been seen on a declining trend is treatment options for large groups of people who have what has been considered as a “health issue” – nails becoming glued to your foot

What are solar gel nails?

Solar gel nails use a gel that hardens when exposed to light. They are usually less painful than regular acrylic nails because the gel is thinner and softer. The gel can be applied to many other surfaces besides nails, such as furniture and hands, allowing for an easy cleanup.

How do solar gel nails work?

Solar gel nails work the same way as regular gel nails. They use UV light to cure the nail polish so it can last the full two weeks recommended by the manufacturer. Solar gel nails colorize much quicker than traditional gels, which is why they are a favorite among users. The other benefit of solar gel nails is that they are much easier to remove compared to normal gel nails.

How to remove solar gel nails

Solar gel nails are an amazing phenomenon of the 2020s. This gel-like substance is applied to your fingers before you go out, receive sun rays, and it hardens once the sun starts setting. When you remove gel nails in the morning, they look like regular nail polish. The best way to remove this solar gel is with acetone. First, use a cotton ball to apply some acetone to the back of your hand. Next, using a grimy rag or tissue paper, dab at the dyed nail that’s ready for removal. Try not to apply too much pressure when lifting up the nail because you may tear off a large section of your skin underneath it.

Is it safe to use the chemicals if you have sensitive skin?

Solar gel nails are popular for their quick drying time.

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