How To Remove Star Lock Washer

When you need to change your car tire, the last thing you want it to be is a struggle. The star lock washer can break easily when you slam on the breaks and wreaks havoc when replaced with other washers in one turn. Do yourself a favor, and learn how to remove this helpful device from your automobile without damaging anything important (read: Your star lock).

What Is A Star Lock Washer?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide where this mysterious device fits. This can cause you to get in a bit of a lesion when it comes to using your locks on the doors. The term “star lock washer” means that it is typically used in conjunction with a star shaped deadbolt which has two fixed sides and then one at an angle.

How To Remove A Star Lock Washer

Step 1: Lay the washer on a flat surface. Place your fingers under the small grip on either side of the lock and gently pry it open by sliding your fingers in opposite directions across the foot. Step 2: Turn the dial clockwise to unlock, then pull up and remove to expose the screw heads. If you have a Phillips head, press down on that area of the dial with a screwdriver or flat-head screwdriver and watch it pop out.

Cleaning And Removing The Star Lock Washer

The star lock washer has a unique design which doesn’t allow it to get stuck in the grooves. This design makes it hard to remove the star lock wrench, but you can use a scrap of metal and hammering to clean out its crevices. Use this scrap of metal after cleaning out the lockwasher’s grooves.

Storage And Care For The Star Lock Washe

The Star Lock washer is a small rubber-coated piece of metal that is located near the object that you would like to slide on or off. Holding the spout of a gun against one side, you grip the top of the washer with your other hand and pull down until it loosens from its tight fitted position.

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