How To Remove Schrader Valve Without Tool

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Schrader Valve

Schrader valves can be removed without a tool or with a few household items. If needed, start by unscrewing the valve on the battery and spare tire. If there isn’t liquid in either of these containers, then open the valve on the underside of the vehicle by turning it counter clockwise.

Schrader Valve Removal

To remove a Schrader valve, break the valve stem by hammering it with a tire iron. Operate the piston in the release mechanism of the air pressure gauge and press down on the needle until it breaks off. Use a washer to protect against chafing.

Schrader Valve Replacement

Schrader valves are located in the hub of your wheel and can be very heavy. In order to prevent destroying the wheel and tire, you will need to use a compressor with a blow-gun attachment to blow air into the valve.

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