How To Remove Tar From Vinyl Floors

How to remove tar from vinyl floors.

The process of tar removal

Tar can be removed by scraping it off with a dull putty knife or rough sandpaper but typically this is not enough. Pour a brick’s worth of lukewarm water over the tar spot while rubbing the surface until you no longer see any of it. Scrub thoroughly. If this doesn’t make a noticeable difference, use commercial cleaners instead.

Methods of tar removal

One of the most distressing hassles of owning a vinyl floor is having to remove tar and other ground-in stains. Fortunately, there are several different methods that can be used for the job. One option is to place a wet vacuum cleaner hose directly over the spot and then pull it vigorously in order to create suction. Another idea would be to use a product like Murphy’s Oil Soap which contains mineral oil.

What are some alternatives to tar?

Many people try using turpentine to remove the sticky residue. However, this is not recommended because it can leave wax and streaks on the floor, and can be difficult to get rid of altogether once it dries. Instead, there are some alternatives that will work much better to remove the gunk from your vinyl floors.

Cost of tar removal

Tar is a substance that gets stuck in their shoes, the cracks in their vinyl floors and the soles of their shoes. It can ruin a family’s shoe collection quickly, which makes removing it from those areas strain on budgets. One way that you can remove tar is by using a mixture of half vinegar and half water to help remove the buildup. To maximize efficiency, grab an oil blotter first if appropriate or apply thin coats until the area is clean.


A lot of people ask us how to remove tar from vinyl floors. The best way to do it is to use a vacuum cleaner, preferably with a crevice attachment or suction nozzle. Dirt, sawdust, and tar will slide right off the vinyl floor using this tool. You can also use steel wool pads for a deeper cleaning.

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