How To Remove A Can Light Housing

What do you need to remove a can light housing? A can opener and some time, with some patience. Even the person who buys a can lid removal tool would have to use this because it’s too hard of a task for a machine.

How Can Light Housing Removal is done

To remove the braided steel wire that encased in a can light housing, use a set of teeth-cutting pliers. Gently bend the legs of the pliers into either a locking position or non-locking position.

The Benefits of Having a New Can Light Housing

When it comes to designing your bathroom lighting, you’re going to want to make sure that the product you pick is appropriate. What’s important is that you choose a product with UL certification, so when something like an appliance comes in contact with a localized flammable area you don’t have to worry about things getting worse.

Tips for removing a can light housing

There are several different ways to remove a can light housing. Some people find it harder than others. If you need step-by-step directions, start by taking the screws out of the back of the enclosure. You will find 10 different sizes of screws and have to know the type you are removing before you begin removing the screws. Once all 10 have been removed, lift up on either side of the can and pull it away from the fixture.


You’ve been able to find an old can or two in your garage that were still good to use but were a little too old to just toss. Here’s how to remove the plastic housing that may have been screwed together with the can itself. It’s not complicated, just time-consuming.

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