How To Remove Air Dry Clay From Mold

Air dry clay is a beautiful and versatile material that can be used to create a variety of different mold textures, ranging from clay to metal. Learn how to remove the excess air while maintaining all that hard work in this blog post!

What is Air Dry Clay

Air dry clay is when manufacturers make gumpaste and fondant without using butter or oil. They just air dry it and then mix it in baking soda, vinegar, gelatin and cornstarch to create a hard, stiff dough, with smooth edges and a glossy finish. To make sure there aren’t any lumps or bits of dough, reroll the clay until it’s even all throughout.

How to remove air dry clay from molds

Air dry clay is commonly used by such companies as ThreeDeeform, Masterpiece Impressions, and Crown Moulding. It is easy to use and requires minimal cleanup. To get the clay out of the molds, run hot water until most of the clay is removed. Rinse twice with a gentle detergent to clean the mold thoroughly before using it.


Removing air dry clay from the mold may be a tiresome task, but you can overcome this difficulty by following a couple of these home remedies. One of these ideas is to dampen a small spoon and sandwich it between your two thumbs to scoop out the unwanted clay from the bowl. Mix water with a little baking soda in another container and soak the sponge until it’s all wet. Place that spongy mix onto the top of your dry clays; use your fingers to loosen them from their pots.

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