How To Remove Paste Wax From Wood Furniture

Braided rope, tape, and getting a dull knife with an orange stick are all viable solutions that should be applied when you’re trying to scrape paste wax off you furniture. When the paint has been scraped away they can then use an abrasive polish like Armor Stone or Sonus browns to restore the beautiful shine it once had.

Reasons For Paste Wax on Furniture

Depending on the surface material and your needs, paste wax can help to increase a shine on furniture. It typically attaches toward the outer edges of a piece of furniture from the friction of clothing rubbing against it, even if it is not washed regularly. Paste wax can also be used to protect wooden surfaces, such as for placing on top of antique furniture.

Types of Paste Waxes

There are many types of paste waxes that you can buy. There’s the classic paste wax, cream wax, and chalk wax. Original paste wax is made from beeswax. It offers a soft shine and professional-looking results. Cream wax is liquid that goes on smooth and dries quickly. Chalk wax has tiny particles in it which gives it a watery suspension that clings to the wood beautifully.

Removal Process for Furniture

Despite many treatments and coatings, certain areas of wooden furniture sometimes becomes abraded. These are commonly known as “ghost rings” or “pastie necklace” stains. Thankfully, it’s easy to remove these stains with a paste wax remover.


Conclusion: Luckily, in most cases the wax will come off with relative ease. Rubbing alcohol can be used as a solvent and water rinsing afterwards will remove any trace remaining. Some people may opt to scrub the item down using soap and a sponge.

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