How To Remove Scratches From Polyurethane Finish

Some finishes might have small scratches in it before you put them up. These tiny little imperfections can reduce the value of your beautiful piece and will look worse when looked at with a magnifying lens because they’re almost impossible to remove yourself. Luckily, this article shares a three-step process to make any scratch vanish instantly!

What is a Polyurethane Finish?

A polyurethane finish is a type of protective coating. Made of many types of chemicals, it is used on furniture and other items that are exposed to damage on a daily basis. Scratches in a finishes coat can seriously degrade its appearance and cost you money in the form of replacement cost

How to Remove Scratches From a Polyurethane Finish

The most common way to remove scratches from the surface of a piece of furniture is using an eraser. However, this can be hard to use on certain pieces of furniture because it either smears the finish or won’t get rid of all the scratches. The best item you can get to safely remove scratches is a dark colored toothpaste.

How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Surfaces

There are different ways to remove scratches from plastic surfaces such as doors, car dashboards, and window screens. To try to avoid any court liabilities, it is important to work within the labor law guidelines of your own state. If you would like to remove the scratches from a plastic surface yourself, it’s helpful if a person who has experience with scrapes. One way that you can avoid the chore of removing all marks is by using some smooth grit paper that matches the color on your plastic surfaces.

How to Remove Scratches From Carpet

One of the common causes of scratches on polyurethane finish is when one walks on the bumpy surface. It is easy to remove scratches with specialized cleaning products and firm sponges.

How to Remove Scratches From Glass

Glass is usually very smooth and does not scratch easily. If a glass surface scratches, these scratches can be removed with sandpaper or by putting your fingers on the surface to rub the scratches out of it. Never use abrasive products such as steel wool or a diamond stone because they will scratch the surface more deeply.

Additional Tips and Tricks

If a surface is made of polyurethane, there are certain things you can do to hide scratches from normal use. If you have old furniture that needs some serious help, you may be able to sand the finish down with finer and finer grades of paper before touching up with another coat of paint.

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