How To Remove Growl From Mac

Sometimes, you might encounter a problem with a program that needs to be resolved. Sometimes things that are not webpage related end up causing you troubles. If you’re having an issue with Mac Growl, these instructions should help get it off your screen and functioning properly again!

How To Remove Growl From Mac

You can easily remove the growl or noise in Mac by changing the settings on your Mac itself. There are three ways to make the mac stop making a growling noise, and they are as follows:
“Go to System Preferences -> Sound.” Then “Audio” settings under your name. Your first option is to change the slider bar named “Playback Volume Limit.” It’s right near the top next to your name. The middle setting means that Growl won’t play when you haven’t picked up your mouse. The final one means it will keep playing until you use Save Audio from Finder  or quit Growl entirely.

How To Reinstall Growl

Don’t forget the Growl! That’s a funny way of saying “don’t forget to install growl again”. If you’re reinstalling Mac and remembered to install it, but for some reason you deleted it afterwards then it can be downloaded easily. After downloading (Reinstallation) click on the Apple menu SMC and down and go to This will open the full-screen app. Right click on the  extension ID Icon, that’s in the corner of your screen, and click show desktop folder which will open a Download folder with three options: One Folder is for current Mac,  another Folder is for past versions, download these if needed, if not skip this step and continue on to next Step; count_to infinity  end third Folder is Reinstalling Growl

Not Working? Try This

There are many reasons why you might find Growl not working on your Mac. It may have turned off by itself, or it may stop producing consistent sounds. If this happens to you, try some of the following fixes to get Growl back up and running: You could go into the System Preferences -> Sound and enable “Play Notification.” Alternatively, enable the “Sound Feedback” feature in Growl settings. Find the problem: Next, you should open Finder to find out what is causing your situation. After it has been opened for a little bit, close it down and open Instagram (or your other social media site) after closing Finder usually resolves issues with Growls function

Download Video Tutorial

If you’d like to remove Growl from your Mac, Apple also released a tutorial for videos that walk people through the process.


There are many reasons why you might want to remove the voice of your Mac. This could be because it’s not necessary, replacing it with an alternative that better suits your needs. Plus, some people just might not like listening to their Mac every day! If you’re one of these people who doesn’t like the sound of your Mac, then read on if you’re interested in how to get rid of the dreaded “ugh” sound.

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