How To Remove Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are used to protect homes several months before a hurricane season by blocking doors and windows. In the event of hurricane, they will prevent dangerous winds from getting inside your home. When it comes time to take them down, many people panicked that they can’t do anything themselves! Don’t worry – blog post with tips on how to do that in seconds

What Is Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are temporarily used to keep the windows of your house protected from storm debris. They can be placed along the inside or outside for these purposes. Be sure to secure them with zip ties, strapping tape, nails, or screws so that they won’t fall off during a large wind burst.

Why Can They Be Removed

Hurricane shutters are installed on the homes to protect them from strong winds and flying debris during a hurricane. These shutters can be removed by a professional to ensure safety once a storm is over.

Tools Needed

Before Hurricane Harvey, shutters in Houston were traditionally closed before the first thunder and lightening sign of rain. After the hurricane hit, residents and experts alike were left with a colossal task–to remove debris and tear off plywood.
A few days later they had to start cleaning up mold and dust that the storm created on the windows.   Covering uncovered wooden panels in aluminum can prevent all these problems by sealing them so they won’t absorb water.

How To Remove Hurricane Shutters

First, you need to go outside and check for shutters that could potentially go by their own in a hurricane. If any shutters are on your property, then it is advised not to remove them. Next, you can get out the gas-powered blower and continue blowing off any remaining debris and moss from underneath the shutters. Now that all the debris is cleared, you will need a set of bolt cutters and a drill with a 2-inch hole saw attachment on it. The drill motor needs to be at least 1/2 amp or your progress will diminish significantly. You will also probably want to wear safety goggles or glasses so that way you don’t start getting pellets spat at your eyes

What Happens After Removing Hurricane Shutters

There is always a risk that an unforeseen wind event might knock down your hurricane shutters, so you should keep them in place if you are concerned about their safety. However, if there is too much risk associated, the best way to remove them quickly and effectively is with a friend who can hold one shutter while you take out another with a tool instead of doing it each shutter separately.

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