How To Remove Cement Stains From Car

This article teaches you how to remove several commonly found stains from your car.

How to remove concrete stains from your car with water and dish soap

Cleaning concrete is important because the dirt and oil can cause damage to the car’s paint. You don’t have to do very much scrubbing but you must use lots of water and dish soap to dissolve any gritty residue. For tough stains in the engine or trunk, you can use a mixture of borax, vinegar, and hot water.

How to remove cement stains from a car with vinegar

Sometimes cars get stained with cement, oil, or some other substance that can leave a noticeable mark. Even though those stains are more evidence of unfortunate accidents and mishaps anywhere the car is parked, many owners want to remove their old stains. This process isn’t difficult – all you need is vinegar and water. Simply mix one tablespoon of each liquid in a bowl, pour a little on the stain itself, then lightly scrub it with your finger. Rinse slightly with water, then dry the area off with paper towels or a cloth so as not to add chemicals into the frame or undercoatings.

How to remove cement stains from your car without chemicals

If you put red paint on the cement, any solids that are in the paint will stick to the pavement. The solids may be soap flakes or flaking concrete, but they can be hard to remove and get a lot of ugly streaks everywhere. You might think getting your hands wet will make it easier, but this is actually what makes it harder. When you start scrubbing your car with a sponge, you get dirt and grime in your dish soap as well so it gets all over your car too.

Pro Tips for Removing Cement Stains From Car

When it comes to removing mold, cack, or other leftovers from the bottom of your garage, getting down on your knees is never the way to go. Instead, use this list of tips from to remove these stains from your car.


The first step is to use baking powder. Remove as much flour from the area as possible with a brush. Add 3 table spoons of baking powder, add 20mL of water and mix well together. Leave it to bubble for 2 minutes and then scrub the cement stain carefully with soapy water. Rinse after scrubbing thoroughly and dry the car using a clean cloth or newspaper.

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