How To Remove Film From Glass Windows

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What is Film on Glass?

Often you will see film or tint on windows found around the home. Film is a layer that protects the window in a variety of ways. Film is typically clear and vapor permeable and covers the window from inside out to reduce heat transfer, energy consumption, and invasion of privacy. It can also serve as an insect protection barrier against biting insects or airborne allergens

How To Remove Film From Glass Windows

Film is a popular form of protection for glass windows. Regardless of the film that you are using, it can easily chip and ruin your window. For protection, you should remove the existing film by first giving it a good scrubbing and then cleaning off any remaining debris with water and vinegar. Afterward, use paper towel to dry the glass. Be careful not to do this when your car is still inside because fumes might get into your car’s interior parts.

Common Types of Films

There are various types of films that can be found on mirrors, windows, interior car doors and door locks, and other places that make it difficult to remove dust and dirt. The main types include Silicone/Acrylic/Polypropylene/ Polyester films. To remove the film without causing any damage or holes, use melamine paper. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for maximum reduction in size.

Method 1: Using Soap and Water
Method 2: Using Washing Soda
Method 3: Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If you need to remove an adhesive or protective film from windows, I highly recommend using soap and water. This is the only method that usually leaves your window looking like new. You can also use washing soda, hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice in place of soap.

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