How To Remove Jello Stains From Carpet

Jello is a dessert that usually comes in colors and flavors like strawberry, peach, and orange that are refreshing on a hot summer day. This gelatin dessert can also be used in cooking or baking to add dimension to the dish and help set the dessert with a crust. However, when it’s time to clean your carpet from accidental splatters of jello juice, you’ll need to use something more powerful than an everyday sponge!

What is Jello?

When most people hear about Jello, they are thinking about a dessert made out of gelatin. But this gelatinous substance is also used to make gummy candies, jellied desserts, and puddings. It can be found in the refrigerator section next to the gelatin and there is usually a package that says “non-edible.”

Remove the Jello Stains

If your floor got a little of the fruit salad from last night, it might be hard and troublesome to remove, assuming the mess is dry. The first step in removing these stains would be to soak up as much water as possible. After that, scrub away the visible residue before chasing with a mild detergent such as Tide. Use your clothing to wipe up any excess water you missed so that it doesn’t spread around the house when you wipe down.

What Else Can I Do To Clean Up The Jello?

If there is any jello in the car, you need to remove it. There are alternative ways of cleaning up the jello stains on the carpet. You can use a wet cloth tied up in knots to wipe off what you can but you will have to enlist your HVAC system for the job. Another alternative is using low sudsing dish soap and cold water. If the jello has transferred onto your floor, you should use baking soda as an abrasive cleaner to remove it from your carpet and leave your house smelling kinda yummy too!

Retrieve Liquid From Carpet

Whether it’s somebody’s spilled chocolate milk, cappuccino, or even lemonade, the worst part about cleaning a fresh spill from your clothing is finding and retrieving the liquid from your car’s carpet. This can be difficult if you don’t have time to soak up all the unwanted liquid before drying with paper towels. To quickly retrieve any large stains on your carpet, use an eyedropper to transfer the leftover liquid from the surrounding areas into a glass of treated water. The container will catch the majority of slip and make getting them out easier than ever.


Licking your finger and dabbing it onto the stain will eliminate any type of food stains on carpets. This technique is called blotting, which means dampening the stain with cold water and gently blotting up the moisture to remove it.

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