How To Remove Hot Sauce Stains From Clothes

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a restaurant dining room, with a bunch of people wearing black tie attire. Somebody at the table next to you carelessly spills hot sauce on their white shirt front – oh no! As in photographer’s nightmare, just as they realize that, they see you start looking through all your camera filters to find one that will do the best job taking down the stains at a snap of a finger.

What is Hot Sauce?

Hot sauce, pickled relish, ketchup, even maple syrup and chocolate can stain clothes if they’re not removed properly. To remove the stains, you first need to understand what hot sauce is made out of. The basics are tomatoes, red peppers, onions, garlic, vinegar and spices like cayenne pepper and cumin. Laundry detergents like OxiClean and Swiffer are also good for removing these sauces from your clothes. Then wet a towel and squeeze as much liquid from the article of clothing as possible before washing it in cold water to avoid discoloration or fading.

Cooking Methods

Methods of removing hot sauce stains from clothing can range widely. But of course, not all methods work equally well. Therfore, it is important to find out which method works best for you before executing it. The biggest factor when it comes to clearing sauce stains is water. It needs to be free flowing, and running directly over the stain so that it can soak into its depths and attack the sauce molecule from multiple angles. The next big element is heated (not boiling) water since steam will dry out the stain more than cold water. If a warm mop or cloth isn’t available, then a damp paper towel can do the trick too.

Steps To Remove Hot Sauce Stains From Clothes

Hot sauce can leave stains on clothes, so this blog shares several ways to help get rid of and remove those stains. From soaking the clothes in vinegar for a few hours to using a mixture of lemon juice and salt from the refrigerator, there are methods that the author thinks will work for everyone.

How To Make Hot Sauce

Making hot sauce from scratch is an easy way to make your own condiments. You can add it to any drink, including homemade soda, use it in dish soups and stews, or even put it over ice cream for a flavor boost. The recipe I’m presenting is for a dry hot sauce that doesn’t necessarily need to be diluted before using as a condiment.


Hot sauce stains are unsightly and impossible to remove. Most people recommend using a bleach soaked rag to scrub at the stained area until it no longer soaks through. If bleach doesn’t work, commercial stain removers may be used as well. Although these alternatives often work well, dealing with hot sauce stains comes at a cost: both in terms of laundering time and money.

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