How To Remove Broken Bolts From Exhaust Manifold

Have you got an exhaust manifold to remove and install, but you’ve broken the bolt holding it in place? No need to worry about that wrench turning too much and breaking another bolt, it’s easy enough to replace these with some strategically positioned bolts.

What bolts do I need to remove from my manifold?

In order to fix a leak, your exhaust manifold needs to be removed. Before doing so, decide what bolts you will need to remove so that you can get the job done in a timely fashion. There are several pieces that make up an exhaust manifold. Make sure you only remove the pieces you need and be sure to put them back where they were before exiting the vehicle if possible.

How do I remove each bolt?

The first thing that you want to do before removing a bolt is take off the nut and washer. The second thing that you should do is make sure that you open the engine bay as soon as possible so that you can remove the remaining bolts from underneath. After removing them, clean up the head of the bolts and then attach the nuts back into place with their washers.


This information will equip you with the perfect tools to remove any broken bolts from exhaust manifold. If you’re going to use your sledgehammer and a pair of pliers on a bolt, then I would recommend that you check out our blog on how to work in oil using safety wear instead, which is a more effective approach for working in oil.

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