How To Remove Tannic Acid Stains

Whether it was a spilled glass of red wine or a cup of coffee that stained your hardwood floors, nothing can be funnier than picking up the evidence and placing it back on the offending article. The staining creates a reddish-brown stain which can often be yellow or even green depending on how much water is in it. Once you have figured out how to remove the stain, you’ll want to make sure where ever possible to not let it happen again.

What Causes Tannic Acid Stains on Clothes?

Tannic acid is a natural substance found in the bark, heartwood, and sapwood of several types of trees. It gives tea its astringent flavor. In Urine such as from Cotton ball, Tannic acid will bond to uric acid giving a rusty brown stain that requires a specific cleaning process called alkaline-water washing.

How to Remove Tannic Acid Stains

Tannic Acid, also known as tanning or tannin, is a yellowish-brown organic polyphenol found in many plant materials. It begins to form in the leaves after about 7 days of sunlight exposure and over-zealous application of mountain ash bark’s tannins. Put the leaves in cold water with a small amount of baking soda and then leave them there for 5 minutes. This will cause a reaction that changes the color of the tannin and washes it away.

Using Detergent to Remove Tannic Acid Stains

The number one step in removing tannic acid stains is to identify the source. In many cases, food can leave a dark coffee-like stain on your dishes and utensils after they have been washed with cleaner. The only way to remove these types of stains is to try different methods at dissolving them in order to find something that works best for you.


This is a process that is difficult, but not impossible. It takes patience and some elbow grease, but it can be done.

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