How To Remove Red Dye From Diesel Fuel

When you fuel up your car, you’ll want to keep that dark red diesel fuel dark red and the red dye cancer free. Follow the tips in this article for making sure it stays a deeply vivid orange-red no matter how much time passes.

How to remove the Red dye from diesel fuel

There may be a time where the red dye trucked into diesel fuel that is sold in certain cities, for example New York City, will start to decrease. Once this happens, how does one get rid of that dye and make their diesel look like regular pump diesel? Lube your truck

Costs and methods for removing the red dye

Removing the dye from diesel fuel is a relatively simple process. The next step is finding another item that can absorb the dye or using hydrogen peroxide to release the dye into the air. Some people create homemade concoctions that use detergent and soapy water, but this can sometimes leave a slimy film on equipment that was not designed to be used with ink-based products. You may also want to consult your automobile manufacturer for alternative methods for removing colors from their diesel engines without increasing the price of repairs.

What are the differences between fuel treatment chemicals?

Diesel fuel is a mixture of gasoline and heavier fluids that are liquid or gaseous at ambient temperature. The fuel is used for combustion in compression ignition engines, where an air-fuel mixture is ignited within the cylinder during the intake stroke. Many of the fuels properties change with temperature; they tend to vaporize and ignite more easily when warm, burning hotter and leading to better fuel efficiency but also more emissions and a reduction in power output.


One way to remove any red dye is to put diesel fuel in a container and add 50% hydrogen peroxide. Use the mixture to fill up your driveway or garden. The chemical reaction will turn dark green-colored water and provide habitat for wildlife.

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