How To Remove Skirting Board

If you want to remove your skirting board, these detailed instructions can make it fairly easy.

Removing Skirting Boards

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home, as well as keep prying eyes out, is by removing the backboard in your walls and replacing it with skirting board. There are a few ways to purchase your skirting boards so you don’t have to worry too much about the process.

What you will need to remove the skirting board

When home renovating, it is common to remove the existing skirting board in an old house. Aside from this, many carpenters often replace old boards with brand new ones. When replacing your own skirtingboard in your home, you will need a few tools. For example, you may need a hacksaw or wood chisel to make a notch at both ends of the board. However, you can use a crowbar for this job if you are unable to cut the board at either end.

Step 1: Cut around the perimeter of the skirting board

To remove a skirting board, cut out around the perimeter and pull the board off.

Step 2: Pull up on the loose section while pulling out on the old ledge

In order to remove skirting board, the first step is to find where the board meets the wall. Draw a line on the surface of the wall and use a scoring tool to score roughly where you will mark out your cutting line. Next, gently pull up on one edge of the board and then make an L-pattern cut along your marking with a sharp knife .

Step 3: Pry off nails and remove skirting board


All the materials needed were on my purchase list.
The first step in this room is to remove the skirting board and therefore remove the base for cabinetry track. We also need to cut out an opening for a window and clearance to fit as well.

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