How To Remove Stick Shift Knob

This article will guide you through the steps of completely removing your stick shift knob from your vehicle so that it becomes easier to use your gear. Simple and easy changes can have a big impact on your vehicle!


There are few things worse than having to drive and keep your index fingers busy on the gearstick. With the Schwinn Folding Bike, you can remove the stick shift and leave it in the bag while trekking up hills or fitting in smaller spaces. 10 out of 10 people agree that this is a genius invention.

How To Remove Stick Shift Knob

This is one of the simplest car repairs that you can do on your own. To quickly remove the stick shift knob, please follow these steps: Turn the ignition switch to ON/RUN; Push down the inside surface of the knob with your thumb to release it form its clips; Using a large screwdriver, pull backwards on the knob until you hear it click into place; Lock in new stick shift knob by pressing down on outside surface again with your thumb to secure it in place


There is a way to remove your shift knob from your car. However, not just any old thing can be used as a replacement. You will find that in order to do so, you need something sturdy and long with rounded corners similar to the shape of stick shifters. We recommend a ballpoint pen for this job. Take off the knob, start pumping

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