How To Remove Grommets From Jeans

One particular clothing item that often comes in the way during our day-to-day lives is jeans. Whether you want to loose a few pounds or just want to keep your legs warm and cozy, getting rid of those grommets can be difficult. But with a minimal amount of effort, also minimal damage to your shoes, grommets can be removed by yourself – no fancy tools necessary!

What are grommets and what purpose do they serve?

Grommets are where the trouser hems are sewn, and they serve two purposes. First, they make it possible for the air in your jeans to be packed: that allows the jeans to retain their shape better. Second, they do not necessarily come undone by torn holes but instead companies often use more durable sewing methods so they can last longer – even with heavy wear. However, grommets can work themselves loose from time to time and if so should just need a snip or a clipper to fix them!

How to remove a grommet from a denim jean

Just because a jean is torn along the seam doesn’t mean you should just throw it out. There are ways to remove the grommets, which can cause further damage to jeans. To prevent more harm, follow these steps when removing a grommet from jeans.
1) Loosen the thread by pulling each side of the loop back from one end of the hole and untwisting it until there is space open or undone in order to be able to pull through the rest of the threads 2) Then cut just outside that circle with a sharp pair of scissors, then remove your needle nose pliers and slide them all at once into the remaining two threads at either side and pull
3) Now push your fingers down onto both sides of the gap created earlier then pull outward on both sides simultaneously 4)The grommet will now be completely removed


Grommets are a type of placement which jeans manufacturers use to poke holes through a section of the fabric. They help ventilation for the wearer and can prevent unwanted rips in the pants. How to remove them? Well, it’s not always easy, but it can be done.

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