How To Remove Iron From Aquarium Water

Iron is toxic to aquarium life. You may want to remove it from your aquarium water before iron start creating toxic by-products that create a dangerous environment for your fish. This is the purpose for using regular old tap water.

The Iron Cycle

Aquariums are a play place for pets and humans to enjoy the three dimensional underwater world. They provide an escape from work or daily life, aesthetics that may be appreciated by both and a therapeutic immersion in nature. Having this experience can become strenuous on your marine scape as smart fish begin to take advantage of an abundant food supply and create an environment with increased levels of pollutants such as copper and carbon dioxide.
Stressed or upset fish release additional toxins into the aquarium causing deadly problems for innocent corals.

Tips for Lowering Iron Levels In Your Aquarium

Low levels of iron in the water can lead to issues like algae blooms and discoloration. There are several homeowners that are able to lower their iron levels by using a natural silver solution they make themselves, using a copper penny, adding activated carbon and/or copper sulfate, or using an electric water machine.


This week you should clear your aquarium of any iron additions. Iron will create a problem in the aquarium because it is a substance that uses up oxygen in your water, making it more difficult for fish to survive. So please do not add more iron into your aquarium.

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