How To Remove Ford Ranger Door Panel

Are you confused about what to replace the Ford Ranger door panel with? This blog article (written by a professional car mechanic) offers 3 easy-to us tips on what you should look for in a replacement part.

What You Will Need

In order to remove the door panel on your Ford Ranger, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench and a drill. You will also want to wear safety goggles and hear protection.

What is Happening to the Ranger Door Panel

Once inside the car, I noticed something had come off of the door panel. This caused potential problems with visibility and danger, so it was imperative I took care of this right away. To remove the door panel piece, you need to remove a screw.
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Bullet Point: Drilling Out Nuts and Bolts
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Step by Step Instructions

Ford Ranger panel removal is a simple task. Step one: remove the seat cushion in order to be able to access the door panel more easily. There is a black plastic cover that needs to be removed to expose screws and fasteners:
Step two: use the Phillips screwdriver and remove all of the screws on the back side of the door panels. These are fasteners that are included with the vehicle; they cannot be bought separately, so make sure you have plenty in case more are needed when moving forward.
Step three: flip up both door panels:
Step four: use your fingertips to push on both panels and place them back together, so that you have one on top of each other but still separated (image):
Step five: wrap clear tape around both finger grips from the front of each panel halfway through their width and pull gently until both panels snap into place (you may need not do this step). You will now have a Ford Ranger that looks like “beginning” where it took only five steps!

What If You Want to Replace the Ranger Door Panel?

One of the easiest ways to replace a panel is to drill through all of the screws that are holding it to the car, remove the panel, and replace it. To make this process easier, use a combination of a small screwdriver and hammer. This will help you remove all of the screws without having to struggle with them. Some doors require tools in order to be removed. If these are the case, then drilling can be difficult due to the metal at that location making it more difficult for drills to do an effective job.

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