The Art of Cleverness



Hi, I’m Brent.


  • I write about things I’m learning about, usually in
    the fields of self-headshotimprovement, startups and psychology.
  • Right now I’m working on improving access to entrepreneurship through  The Code-Free Startup
  • I can’t grow a beard, so I made that logo to make up for my shortcomings.

Every Sunday, I send an email with the best stuff I’ve discovered to help you get a jumpstart on your week.

Here are some of the mindsets I’ve adopted from really smart people

Here are a few things I’m writing about

The Getting Started Principle

My friends want to start companies, build apps, write books, and start blogging. But they don't. We read so many articles about "how I did X" and they all end the same way: "just take this action to get started." But we don't. Instead, we wait. We bookmark those how-to articles for later.