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Why we can’t predict our failures (and how to solve it)

In mid-2001, Dean Kamen sat at his desk, excitedly thumbing through papers. After about a decade of tinkering, he was about to revolutionize one of the biggest problems of modern society: transportation. He promised his doubters over the years that his invention would change the world and that by the year 2002, humans would have a completely different view of the word transportation. With his revolution figured out, he just had to figure out logistics. Kamen had money already figured out, he built a nice fortune from inventing the drug infusion pump used in dialysis. He leased a 77,000-square-foot factory… Continue reading

Creating a memory champion: How to boost your thought recall

The competition takes place in a dimly lit lecture hall. To the average eye, it just looks like quiet students are sitting at their desks wearing headphones. And then you realize that those headphones are actually construction-grade ear protection, and these students are actually memory champions. The world memory championship has grown each year since it was founded in 1991. The current record? A german man named Johannes Mallow correctly recalled 501 digits in the correct order after taking only 5 minutes to memorize them (he beat the previous world record by just one digit). Sound impressive? Keep in mind… Continue reading

How I Created a Business in 10 Minutes with Amazon

The shelf life for electronics grows shorter as technology hurdles us towards faster, bigger, brighter gadgets. As someone who stays current with technology, I quickly realized I was accumulating old electronics and needed to sell them in order to fuel my consumption. Naturally I turned to eBay and Craigslist, two giants of Internet transactions. But after spending some serious time with both, I realized they weren’t right for a few reasons: 1. eBay’s strength lies with specialty or collectors items. For standard consumer electronics, I was not getting a great return from my sales. Also, while their seller system is… Continue reading

Embrace the Slow Web, Your Productivity Will Thank You

Applications are needy. Just five years ago they left you alone (with the exception of the MS Office paperclip helping you out) but today, every single application on your smartphone and laptop wants to send you an alert. Put simply, each app believes its worthy of a chunk of your precious time. The result is maddening: without some serious reconfiguration, your smartphone and laptop ping you constantly to alert you of that new email, breaking news alert or deal at the sushi restaurant down the road. It leads to a high-speed information addiction, an insatiable need to know things the… Continue reading